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Earth Day clothing 3.5 inch In an effort to encourage cooperation between all the various climate change action groups, I am asking everyone to wear green on the Saturday preceding Earth Day (April 18) and on Earth Day itself (April 22) as a symbol of solidarity between all climate action groups.

Wearing green means that you promise to protect the earth in any and every way you can.


  1. Save water
  2. Stop using herbicides and insecticides
  3. Plant trees
  4. Plant milkweed for Monarch butterflies and bee-friendly plants like bee balm
  5. Don’t feed wildlife.
  6. Make sure the plants you buy to put in your garden are NOT treated with insecticides especially nicotinoids
  7. Support a carbon tax
  8. Work to get coal-fired plants closed
  9. Put up a bat house
  10. Support renewable energy and oppose fracking for oil and gas


We will be at the Visitor Center of the Garden of the Gods park in Colorado Springs on Saturday, April 18, 10 am – 4 pm for their Earth Day Celebration. Join us there! (I’ll be wearing green)