For those of you that miss FREX, there’s news. Our own Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is going to offer a related service called ‘Bustang‘.  Yeah, hokey… In addition, the logo is a purple horse.  Just for fun, when you Google ‘purple horse’, Urban Dictionary has first place:  “Purple Horse: Usually mistaken for unicorns. Purple horses are one of our biggest threats because they eat brains. They live in vases (kind of like genies) and are known to be purple. The only known way to kill a purple horse is to cut of it’s tail and then make it into won tons that go in a soup that you then feed to the horse. No tests with guns or knives have been conducted as of yet because the soup one was more practical.

 Also, Barney comes to mind…  but hey, it’s a bus service, and it’ll give us something to make fun of 🙂

PurpleBus So what does it look like to ride this purple horse?   Say for example: going from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins takes 2 single tickets totaling ~$20: Colorado Springs to Denver for $9-$12, depending on whether you go from the Monument Park & Ride or the Downtown area; then from Denver to Fort Collins is $10.   The hours of operation are mostly aimed at commuters, starting at around 5:30 in the morning. The last bus leaves Colorado Springs at 3pm and arriving Denver at 4:50pm.  Last bus leaving Denver at 6:15pm and arriving on Tejon at 8:25pm.

We spoke with a nice lady at the Colorado Springs Metro station, and she even sent us a copy of a PowerPoint, available here for those of you that want the geeky details:  IX Presentation to CASTA 2014 SpringII  There’s a slide in there with the Financial Plan, which shows initial capital for $10.9M, FY 2014 capital expenditure at $10.9M and annual contracted services starting 2015 capped at $3.0M

More details here:  bustanglogonew2.fw