This week, food waste is showing up as a topic.  We just received an invite to Ft. Carson’s Sustainability Breakfast on Wednesday August 13, with the headliner:

FoodWasteOn Facebook, somebody shared this video ad from the French supermarket Intermarche:

“Supermarkets won’t buy ‘Ugly’ fruit and vegetables, for risk of not being able to sell them.  It’s been estimated we waste 300 million tons of food a year.  As EU declared 2014 as the European Year Against Food Waste, French supermarket Intermarche launched a brilliant campaign to win the hearts and minds of consumers.”

It is really interesting to read some of the comments to this video:

“Why the hell has it taken until now to do this? Were supermarkets that afraid of losing money?”

“That is a fantastic idea! Can’t see why that wouldn’t work everywhere.”

“Because in US they just use GMO to make all of their fruits and vegetables look perfect… By the cost of other things in the fruit.” 

“OMG!  Those are MUTATIONS caused by radiation!  You are telling people the WRONG thing to do, they should NOT eat any of this!!!~~~~  Cancer multiplies!!!!”

What do YOU think we can do to reduce food waste? Leave us a comment 🙂